Fever-Tree Bottle Tonic Water - Mediterranean
4 x 200 ml
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Product Description
Launched in the United Kingdom over 13 years ago, Fever-Tree was named after the colloquial name for the cinchona tree in which tonic’s key ingredient, quinine is found. The company pride itself on producing highly carbonated, small bubble beverages featuring a delicate and smooth texture. Made using only naturally sourced, high-quality ingredients and free from flavourings, preservatives and sweeteners. Each of their 14 products will enhance the aroma and flavour of your chosen spirit. Sold in glass bottles designed to ensure flavour and freshness in each and every sip. By blending essential oils from fruits, herbs and flowers with quinine from the Congo, Fever-Tree has created a delicate and floral tonic water to enjoy with vodka or as a stand-alone soft drink with ice.


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